Real Tea Popcorn

真zhēn 茶chá 葉yè 爆bào 米mǐ 花huā
Skip the souvenirs everyone has:
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Wenshan Pouchong Tea

Gift for luck! Wish a guaranteed success to students and job-seekers!

Roselle Floral Tea

Tangy and sweet in a vibrant ruby red hue, caffeine-free, suitable for kids. 🧒

Pure Natural Taste of Tea

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Naturally cultivated tea leaves
Non-gmo corn
Dual-certified clean coconut oil
No additives, no artificial flavours, no colourings, no preservatives

Every bite is infused with the aroma of tea

Carefully selected 100% whole leaf tea, finely ground into premium tea powder.
Batch-tested for zero pesticide residue, ensuring your peace of mind with every bite.

25% Less Sugar

Reduced-sugar popcorn, crispy without being overly sweet.
Refreshingly tasty, guilt-free.

Far beyond souvenir

Discover this hidden gem: genuine, understated, and truly authentic.

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Best-Selling Combo

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【Free Shipping】Real Tea Popcorn 80g*6/10/16 packs

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Indulge in our classic tea fla...


Limited-Edition Add-On

The Classic Collection of Tea Flavours

Every bite, a fragrant escape.

Oriental Beauty Tea

Jasmine Green Tea

Roselle Floral Tea

Ruby Black Tea

Wenshan Pouchong Tea

Vegan Cheese Tea

Reviews That Popped: Hear What Others Have to Say!

Hilariously Memorable Review⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

It's darn expensive, but holy moly, it's f***ing delicious! It's the f***ing best popcorn I've ever had in my life.
I got the black tea and black oolong flavors, and they're both f***ing tasty!
cte (3)
College of Business and Management, Tamkang University​
B24 . 19 August 2020

Genuine Shopee Rating

The Jasmine Green Tea flavour is my favourite, even though it's a bit pricey. The popcorn has a rich tea aroma, isn't too sweet, and it's so good I might accidentally finish it all in one go! Definitely will repurchase!
cte (4)

Groupbuy among colleagues⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

They told me they're eating at a rate of one pack a day, or even half a pack... They're quite excessive, while I'm more restrained... It's not exactly ideal, but it's just so tasty.
EDM - Icons (6)
Ms. Zhang, who called to ask if she could make a bulk purchase

Also appreciated by the elders

Saw tea-flavoured popcorn for the first time, tried 4 flavours.
The whole family loves it ❤️ Will buy again!
EDM - Icons (5)
2 weeks' ago

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Explore our world through 3 delicious bites

The Most Straightforward Flavour Unboxing
Founder's Thoughts: Why We're So Passionate About It
Why Real Tea Popcorn?


What is the shelf life of Real Tea Popcorn?

12 months

Any preservatives added?

No artificial colours, no artificial flavours, only ingredients you can read, the purest taste!

Is it sweet?

Our reduced-sugar formula offers a lower sweetness level, meticulously crafted to strike the perfect balance between taste and texture for a healthier indulgence.

Choose from a variety of flavours:

Ruby Black Tea: Features a hint of caramel aroma with a higher sweetness level.
Jasmine Green Tea: Refreshingly fragrant with a moderate sweetness.
Oriental Beauty Tea: A sweet aftertaste with a slight bitterness, lower in sweetness.
Wenshan Pouchong Tea: Lightly fragrant and sweet, with a moderate sweetness level.
Roselle Floral Tea: A tangy and sweet flavour, appetising and refreshing.
Vegan Cheese Green Tea: A unique blend of salty and sweet, offering a distinctive taste.

Is the tea flavour rich?

Yes, upon opening the package, you’re immediately greeted with the rich aroma of tea.

Does it contain caffeine?

Yes, it does, as it’s made with tea powder ground from tea leaves. Only the Roselle Tea Popcorn is caffeine-free, making it suitable for children!

Which flavours are vegan?

In our classic collection, only Vegan Cheese Green Tea is vegan. The other five flavours contain butter, making them lacto-vegetarian. Additionally, all our seasonal limited-edition flavours are vegan.

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